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Hello from me (Co-Founder at ADPList, Felix)

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Level up your career

  1. How this career hype doc gets you hired and promoted

  2. Build a resume that shouts to Fortune500 companies

  3. Common portfolio issues and how to fix them

  4. How to improve your chances of getting a job?

  5. Effective ways to win case study presentations

  6. Prepare for your Design Interview

  7. Mistakes to avoid in interviews

  8. How to build a resume that stand out

  9. The best Resume/CV checklist

Upskill in product design

  1. How to measure your product’s success?

  2. How Snapchat designs product

  3. The psychology-led design that Netflix, Airbnb use to fuel its growth

  4. 6 design secrets you need to know from Jony Ive

  5. Learning design from scratch

  6. How to create an epic design portfolio?

  7. Design Principles Used By World’s Most Product-Centric Companies

Upskill in product thinking

  1. 8 insider tips to better your product thinking with ChatGPT

  2. Designing a product that drives good retention

  3. 7 PM Lessons Told Through Memes

  4. Best Product Frameworks

  5. What product to build? How to position it?

Community specials

  1. BeMore festival 2022

  2. Product Week 2022

  3. Slack x ADPList Originals

  4. ADPList 100 Awards

  5. ADPList Global Career Fair

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Felix Lee

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