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Level up your career

  1. How this career hype doc gets you hired and promoted

  2. Should you quit your job?

  3. How I got 50 job offers with zero experience

  4. Build a resume that shouts to Fortune500 companies

  5. How to improve your chances of getting a job?

  6. Effective ways to win case study presentations

  7. Common portfolio issues and how to fix them

  8. Mistakes to avoid in interviews

Upskill in product design

  1. How to measure your product’s success?

  2. How Snapchat designs product

  3. How TikTok grew 500% with product-led strategies

  4. The psychology-led design that Netflix, Airbnb use to fuel its growth

  5. 6 design secrets you need to know from Jony Ive

  6. Learning design from scratch

  7. How to create an epic design portfolio?

  8. Design Principles Used By World’s Most Product-Centric Companies

Upskill in product thinking

  1. 8 insider tips to better your product thinking with ChatGPT

  2. How this 10 questions will change your product thinking

  3. 7 PM Lessons Told Through Memes

  4. Best Product Frameworks

  5. What product to build? How to position it?

Community specials

  1. BeMore festival 2022

  2. Product Week 2022

  3. Slack x ADPList Originals

  4. ADPList 100 Awards

  5. ADPList Global Career Fair

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