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Aug 11, 2023·edited Aug 11, 2023

Interesting set of graphics but it’s somewhat inaccurate in regards to how Apple actually works. For example, the sentence, "They do this by lengthy and careful research…” In my experience working there as a designer for 4 years and a design exec for 8 years I never once saw any evidence of "lengthy or careful research”. Surprising as it may sound, research simply wasn't part of the Apple product or design process.

If you’re interested in a detailed first hand account of Apple, I recommend “Creative Selection” by Ken Kocienda. Ken is the inventor of the original iPhone keyboard and if you read his book you’ll come to understand better the culture of creativity, rigor, and persistence that defines Apple.

Keep in mind that the iPhone was created by 24 people and the Mac by 20. That’s it…hardware, software, operating system, apps, the whole thing. Engineers and designers all.

Similarly the idea that everything at Apple ultimately depends on Tim (or Steve when he was alive) is also misleading. The exec team at Apple obviously plays an important role in coordinating efforts and emphasizing certain ideas over others, but Apple is very much a bottoms-up organization. What makes it feel tops-down to outsiders is that it all fits together so well as a system. That however is not due to a type of corporate authoritarianism but rather is a testament to the maturity, clarity, consistency, discipline, and rigor of the Apple culture — one that is unmatched anywhere in the world and is to my mind, the biggest contrast between Apple and every other major tech company including Google.

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Wow, this is an well putten graphics to present two tech giants in the world 🔥

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