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I really liked the accumulation of the posts but I found the title a little misleading.. It sounds like click bait compared to the content. I wish I knew more about the 50 jobs and no experience; something more personal than general resources!

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I was just about to do this so the pointers on some of the reasons have been really really helpful. Especially what to try first and consider before quitting - thanks!

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Thanks Felix, for sharing this valuable tips. An article to keep and reference indeed!

PS: In the introducton you mention 5 challenges but only talk about 4.

"Along with my experience and talking with mentors who offered their advice for overcoming the five biggest challenges of the entry-level job search world."

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Thank you for these resources and tips! I have been confused between different stuff to pursue and have been seriously contemplating for awhile on how to get started in UX design, but the vast amount of courses online have been quite puzzling on where to start. I am going with the Google UX Design course as of now, fingers crossed. Thank you for this thread! Will be trying out the mentor feature soon.

Because I am unsure where to ask this (I guess, to a private mentor, maybe?), if anyone could clear my doubt, is there any space where I could figure out how the specific skillset that I have would be suited to a specific role in UX? I would be extremely grateful.

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Hi Felix,

Thank you for this message. It's quite enlightening. I'm using it to fine-tune the resources I use for applying as a content designer.

I'm a content writer. So, I couldn't help but notice some slip ups in this wonderfully useful write up. I'd like to volunteer to help you proofread emails like this before you send them out. Grammar and sentence structure go a long way building trust and delivering a good read.

Would that be something you'll consider?

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Thanks for the tips :)

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