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How “self-taught” is a hidden value for designers | Sarah Doody (Founder & CEO of Career Strategy Lab)

Here's why Sarah Doody self-taught is genius and how to do it.

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In the second episode of View from the Top, we talk to Sarah Doody, Founder & CEO of Career Strategy Lab. Sarah has a deep experience in UX Design and is a regular contributor at Forbes, where she writes articles about leadership and careers. We’re also joined by guest host Kamala Alcantara, a UX mentor at ADPList and founding UX researcher at Blockdaemon.

Tune in as we dive into Sarah’s insights and learnings on:

  • Sarah’s career journey, including how she fell into the design and created her own consultancy - all self-taught!

  • Her motivations and biggest learnings from starting Career Strategy Lab, an accelerator for UX and Product professionals

  • Advice for landing a role in UX in the current job market and for those facing imposter syndrome at work

A breakdown of today’s podcast episode:

(00:00) Introduction and Sarah’s background

(3:41) Creating a UX career accelerator and a sneak peek of a typical session

(9:38) Career search advice given the state of the UX jobs today and opening up to different industries

(14:50) What sets Career Strategy Lab apart from other programs? A favorite success story?

(22:40) How mentorship played a role in Sarah’s journey and advice for those facing imposter syndrome

(25:27) Biggest lessons learned about leadership and building a successful business

(28:01) Emerging trends in the UX industry and how professionals can stay ahead of the curve

(29:51) Closing remarks and Sarah’s upcoming book!

Where to find the speakers:

👋 Guest Speaker, Sarah Doody: https://www.linkedin.com/in/sarahdoody/

👋 Guest Host, Kamala Alcantara: https://www.linkedin.com/in/kamalaalcantara/