Jun 15 • 50M

Lessons from Wise redesign, and genius strategies to design products | Cameron Worboys (Design Director at Wise)

The secrets insights behind Wise's biggest redesign in the history of this fintech unicorn.

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Felix Lee
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In the third episode of View from the Top, we talk to Cameron Worboys, Design Director at Wise. Cameron has a wealth of experience in designing for agencies, startups, and big tech, and has recently led a design system revamp at Wise.

Tune in as we discuss Cameron's insights and learnings on:

  • Cameron's background and journey to becoming a Design Director at Wise

  • Design system revamp at Wise & advice for companies going through a redesign

  • Fostering an innovative culture & hiring great talent

  • Most commonly overlooked skill in today's design industry.

  • Habits that contributed to Cameron's success

A breakdown of today’s podcast episode:

(00:00) Introduction and Cameron’s background

(4:19) Designing at agencies vs startups vs big tech

(5:46) Recent design system revamp at Wise & learnings

(14:10) Importance of attention to detail & when companies should think about rebranding/redesign

(18:03) Advice for companies looking to work with agencies

(21:57) What sets Wise apart from its competitors

(23:55) Fostering an innovative culture and hiring great talent

(32:53) Cameron’s leadership principles and collaboration style

(35:29) Most commonly overlooked skill in today’s design industry

(39:37) Habits that contributed toward Camerons’ success

(44:53) Closing thoughts and remarks

(47:05) Bonus: Camerons’ favorite song!

Where to find the speakers:

👋 Connect with Cameron: https://www.linkedin.com/in/cameronworboys/

👋 Connect with Felix: https://www.linkedin.com/in/felixleezd/

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